Volkswagen prepares a small crossover

The German concern Volkswagen does not give up thought on creation of a new compact crossover which will stand on a step below Tiguan, transfers the AutoBild edition. As the segment of «micro SUVs» develops recently very promptly. Now there are not enough rivals (the main player here while Nissan Juke is), but will not force the way here soon — this year on sale there will be a small crossover of Opel Mokka. Naturally, heads of Volkswagen do not want to stand and look quietly how others earn money.

The new crossover from Volkswagen becomes slightly larger than present Polo, but thus the model will receive system of a full drive and the increased road gleam. Besides, “off-road” Polo will differ other design – in Volkswagen want to make so that the new crossover was perceived as independent model, instead of it is simple as «one more Polo». Besides at scale of the German company already there is a CrossPolo model.

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