Perhaps, it is the most beautiful car in a modeling line of Opel. “Trekhdverka” GTC and always stood earlier independently, but now the car became really irresistible. It was recognized by all: both fans, and critics of brand. By the way, though three-door Astra GTC also is similar to the five-door version, these cars have no general external detail, except “fin” of the aerial and lateral mirrors. This “Astrochka” enters into not numerous cohort of three-door cars like Volkswagen Scirocco, Renault Megan Coupe or Volvo C30 which today many call hatchbacks with compartment stylistics.
For Opel Astra GTC in Russia the line of petrol motors in volume 1,4 liters (140 forces), 1,8 liters, (140 forces), 1,6 liters with pressurization (180 forces) and one diesel 2,0-liter unit in capacity of 130 forces is offered. On a choice for all motors: six-step mechanical or automatic transmissions and only 1,8-liter engine it is equipped with only unique five-step “mechanics”. As always, we managed the car with the most powerful 1,6-liter turbomotor in capacity of 180 forces and a six-step mechanical transmission in the richest complete set of Sport and almost with all packages of the additional equipment. The car “is really packed”: six safety cushions, stabilization system, the leather salon, full electropackage, light-emitting diode running fires and back lamps, multimedia “combine” with navigation, bluetooth, sockets for external devices, Infinity audiosystem with a subwoofer, two-zonal climate control, cruise control, light and rain sensors, a parktronik, help system when lifting, a mirror with the autoblackout, 18 inch rims and a multilevel floor of FlexFloor in a luggage carrier. But, perhaps, most interesting “counters” — this adaptive FlexRide chassis with adjustable settings of a steering, a suspension bracket, “sharpness” of a response of the engine for pressing of a pedal of gas and adaptive headlights with function of automatic switching of near and far light. But also the price of such car of lemon color (optional coloring of Sunny Melon) makes 1 007 500 rubles!

Opel Astra GTC on equipment and power units practically differs nothing from five-door model, but engineers after all поколдовали with the chassis. On the car other, longer levers of a back semi-dependent suspension bracket, a track in front are established and behind increased by 4 and 3 centimeters respectively, and in a forward suspension bracket of Astra GTC “separate” rotary fists are used — the similar design also is applied on some “hot” hatchbacks, such, as Ford Focus RS or Renault Clio RS. All these innovations improved controllability and stability of the car both on a straight line, and in turns, in particular, engineers managed to relieve the car of such illness, as «a parasitic podrulivaniye» under the draft, peculiar to powerful front-wheel cars.

Interestingly, who would become the buyer of such car? To whom the three-door hatchback for one million rubles is necessary?

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