Attorneys Like Aric Cramer Help Clients Fight Unjustified Drug Charges

The American opioid abuse epidemic is still ongoing, and too many are suffering from its effects. In many cases, those who succumb to such highly addictive substances do so after first using opioid medications that were prescribed by doctors.

In an effort to help limit the damage being done, authorities have become much more aggressive about prosecuting people who misuse, sell, or transfer such pharmaceuticals. In some cases, that can lead even innocent individuals to end up facing drug charges as a result of entirely innocuous activities. A blog post by criminal attorney Aric Cramer has highlighted some of the types of situations where this can easily happen.

Legitimate Possession and Use of Opioids Can Still Lead to Criminal Charges

There are a number of opioids that are still commonly prescribed by doctors to help patients manage pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Careful, responsible use of such prescription drugs can greatly improve quality of life without necessarily subjecting a person to the dangers associated with abuse.

Unfortunately, many who have become addicted to opioids themselves have learned to satisfy their cravings by subverting physician-prescribed arrangements meant for others. In some such cases, the person for whom a prescription was written will even be accused of being an accessory to illegal activities.

That can easily happen, for example, when a family member steals pills meant for a relative who was using them to manage pain resulting from an accident or illness. Even misplacing a few prescribed pills can later make it seem to authorities as if a generally responsible, entirely innocent person were actually a criminal.

Attorneys Ready to Prove the Innocence of Their Clients

Needless to say, it will always be wise to do everything possible to mount a vigorous defense against such unjustified charges. Failing to react appropriately can easily mean increasing the odds of a conviction even in cases where the truth might seem relatively clear.

As a result, it will inevitably be productive to get in touch with an attorney as soon as charges have been filed. That will always be the best way to make it less likely that responsible, authorized use of prescription opioids does not lead to disaster.